Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions related to general wedding and event rentals, tenting, lighting and delivery.

You may cancel your order up to 72 hours prior to deliver. However, deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable to any other event. Special order items and tenting are non-cancellable.

Final counts along with your final payment are due one week prior to your event.

You will need to sign a simple job contract/terms and pay a 50% non-refundable deposit. We do not deliver any rental equipment without a signed contract and deposit.

Yes, if we can stake the tent into the ground, this would be your least expensive option. If the tent is going on a deck or concrete and we need to use weight to hold the tent down, then the price would be higher due to the weighting system that needs to be provided.

Of course! We have adjustable flooring systems that can level any area, even if the tent is 15 feet off the ground.

Yes, our larger structure tents can accompany hard (cassette) and glass walls, as well as glass doors.

Yes, the price for a clear tent is slightly higher. Clear tops and walls can get scratched and once scratched, they cannot be repaired.

Yes, our tent sides are easily pulled back with zippers and slides.

How large of a tent do I need for my event?

Answer: Please see the Chic Tent Rentals Size Chart.

String Lighting varies based on the size of the area, as well as if we can use existing resources (such as tenting, trees or buildings) to hang the lights, or if we need to bring in freestanding poles. Please call a Chic team member for a quote.

A Gobo creates a pattern that can be projected on a wall, drapery, or dance floor. You can choose a standard pattern (such as a heart, star, snowflake, etc.) or choose to have a custom pattern created for your event (such as the bride and groom’s initials or a company logo).

Pin Spot Lighting is lighting using narrow beam fixtures that are hung from above to illuminate tables and centerpieces with a warm soft glow. This allows you to turn off overhead lights and use only Pin Spot lighting to illuminate tables and centerpieces. In combination with Up Lighting, your event space can be 100% transformed.

Up Lighting are light fixtures placed on the ground that shine upward, illuminating the walls and ceiling. Up Lighting gives your area great depth and ambiance.

Once the rental products are signed for, they are the client’s responsibility until they are signed back over to a Chic member for pick-up.

Yes, to ensure the safety of all your rental products we require a signature for both delivery and pick-up.

Chic will clean and wash everything. However, we do ask that the glassware be emptied and placed face down in the racks. Dinnerware/flatware must have all food scraped off before pick-up and soiled linens are to be placed in the provided Chic linen bags.

Yes, delivery fees range from $95 – $500 depending on your location, day and time of delivery/pickup, and time requirements/restrictions/constraints. There may be additional fees if the delivery team has to carry the rentals on sand or up/down stairs (beyond where our truck can park and where we can roll our carts).

Yes, setup and teardown is included for specialty items such as specialty chairs and tables, staging, dance floor, tenting, lighting, furniture. However, setup and teardown is not included for basic items such as linens, tables, chairs, and tableware.