Flooring and Staging



Chic Event Rentals Staging is the best in the industry and is widely known for its strength and durability. Our staging is constructed with aluminum-extruded frame combined with a 1-inch thick plywood substrate with an aluminum backer. The aluminum backer provides a Class A fire rating for the platform.

Each 4′x8′ Platform will support 1000 lbs per square foot.

Tent Flooring


Lie Flat Flooring

Lie Flat Flooring is perfect on dirt, grass, bark, or even stone and concrete areas that may puddle during rainy days. Our flooring system is 3” high and molds itself to the ground (even if the ground is slightly uneven). Although you may think you do not need a floor because the designated area is level, we ask you to consider where the water would flow and collect on a rainy day. If the water would normally puddle in an area inside your tent, our floor system will keep your guests dry and will ultimately save your event from disaster.

Elevated Floor

Elevated flooring is necessary for tenting in many areas where the slope is too steep. Please contact Chic Events Flooring and Tenting team so that we can schedule a site visit.

Astro Turf


Astro Turf is a budget friendly ground covering that can be used on any hard surface. Choose from Green, Black, Tan and White.

Astro Turf Swatches



Chic Event Rentals offers a wide variety of plush carpet colors. Carpet can be added to any hard surface and is perfect to use for your elegant event flooring.

Carpet Swatches