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Rental Policies

To confirm a Quote

Please be sure to thoroughly check the following information prior to signing and sending it back:

*Delivery and pickup location(s)
*On-site contact information – This will be the person we call upon arriving to a delivery to meet our staff and check in items.
*Delivery and pickup days/times – Delivery fees are based on this and are subject to change if the day and/or time changes closer to the event date.
*Event start and end days/times
*All rental items and quantities

Once all the above information has been checked, the following must be signed and sent back for the order to change from a quote to an actual reservation in our system:

*Quote – Sign and date the bottom
*Terms and Conditions – Initial Terms 4-9, sign on page 5
*Credit Card Authorization Form – Fill out entirely for a 50%, non-refundable deposit to be charged.


In order to reserve a quote, we require a 50%, non-refundable deposit to be made.


*Within 3 days of delivery or will call pick up – Customer will be responsible for 100% of the total rental.
*Within 3-6 days of delivery or will call pick up – Customer will be responsible for 75% of the total rental.
*Within 7+ days of delivery or will call pick up – Customer will be responsible for 50% of the total rental.

Final Payment & Revisions to Orders

These are due (1) week prior to the delivery date.

Any revisions to orders made after this day may be subject to a change fee or restocking fee.


Rental rates will vary depending on how long the items need to be kept in the client’s possession.

In general, our base rate will be charged if the items are to be used for one event.

The base rate will cover up to (3) days, excluding generators and other equipment, which are charged out on a per day basis. This will allow our crew to deliver or the client to pickup up to (1) day prior to the event taking place and return up to (1) day after the event.

If any items are needed longer than this, the following rates will be charged:

Time rental items are out Rate charged
1-3 days x1 rental rate (or base rental rate)
Up to one week x1.5 rental rate
Up to two weeks x2 rental rate
Up to three weeks x3 rental rate
Up to one month x4 rental rate